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The Ketogenic Lifestyle is one of the most trending eating plans in the world, that is taking the health & fitness levels of millions of people around the world to a whole new level. Start your journey with us and get food delivered at your place.

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Our Special DIsh

Fastest Way To Lose Weight In Natural Way

Losing weight in a natural way involves adopting healthy habits that promote sustainable weight loss and overall well-being. While there is no magic shortcut to shedding pounds quickly, the following strategies can help you achieve your weight loss goals effectively.

Low-carb, high-fat diet that promotes ketosis for weight loss.

Reduced carbohydrate intake for weight management and metabolic health.

Increased protein intake for muscle development and satiety.

Varied, nutrient-rich eating for overall health and well-being.

What We Offer

Nutrition Services

Personalized nutrition guidance to optimize your health and meet your wellness goals.

Every Customer is different so are their meals

Every meal is specifically designed as per your individual food preference and macros, to make sure that your meal has everything your body needs

The only meal service to deliver on Sunday

We deliver meals every day of the week. Just because it's a holiday, doesn't mean your health should take a backseat.

Flexibility that will spoil you!

We deliver anywhere in Mumbai, with the flexibility to change the delivery address with a days notice!

Travelling? We got you covered, we'll adjust your missed meals.

30 Days,120 Dishes ZERO Repetitions

We guarantee that you'll never be bored with what you eat. Tease your taste buds with a unique meal everyday.


Our Clients Say

70% of our clients extend beyond the first 5 Weeks – this itself is a testament to the quality of service and results provided. We give the most flexible Keto diet plans on the planet – they’re so easy to follow anyone can do it!

    Ayushi Gandhi
    Ayushi Gandhi


    A whopping transformation of 12 kilos, I can't thank you enough of how you've guided and kept me motivated throughout this. The WhatsApp challenge and support , and also your quick replies to complex and even the most petty doubts and cravings I had, is commendable. I really feel lucky to have found you as the guiding light in my weight loss process

      Shailesh Patel
      Shailesh Patel


      I must say that after 9 weeks of being a consulting Hrishikesh Sanghvi for KETO diet and lost more than 10 Kgs, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better! For the first time, I feel totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life. Before, I was constantly depressed; sugary foods such as cake & ice cream was my comforter. Now, I am on a regimen of watching my food intake and constant exercise. I feel great! I thank Hrishikesh for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle. I highly recommend him for consulting for KETO diet.

        Jasmeet Khanna
        Jasmeet Khanna


        I happened to join the Keto Challenge with Hrishikesh and I lost 7 kgs in 45 days flat !! This has never happened before and is no less than a miracle !! I have tried various diets / fitness regimes etc in the past without any tangible results and I was only disappointed. With his personal guidance my energy levels have gone high and I feel much lighter, less lethargic; this change has increased my productivity at work. Not only did Hrishikesh take the pains to customise my diet plan he also was supportive throughout the journey. He is thorough with his knowledge, is patient and gives a very logical solution to your problem and I thank him for his guidance and support.

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