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Health Report

Weight :  kg

Goal Weight :  kg

Height : cm

Age :

BMR : kcal

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the total number of calories that your body needs to perform basic, life-sustaining functions.


Activity Level :  

Your activity level determines how many more calories you need above your BMR.


TDEE : kcal

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is the total energy that you consume depending on your BMR and activity level.


Water Consumption : L

Drinking the correct amount of water is an essential part of a successful Keto Diet. Drinking less than the recommended amount may lead to stalled weight-loss and other issues.

Keto Diet Macros

We have calculated your personal Macro-Nutrients that will result in weight-loss. Having the correct macros and a diet plan that matches those macros is key to getting the benefits from your Keto Diet.

MAX kcal : kcal

Carb : 25 g 

Protein : g

Fat : g

All calculations are specifically based on Indian body types 


Keto Whatsapp Challenge


Several studies have shown that people lose motivation to succeed when met with failure. Keeping that in mind, we designed our plans to give Guaranteed 4 kgs Weight-loss in the first 5 weeks - and if you don't you get your 100% money-back. To ensure that you get there, you also get 24/7 support from our Keto Diet Nutrition Experts.

Studies have also shown a higher rate of success when any activity is done as a group as opposed to solo. Hence we created communities that are on the same journey as you and you can be a part of something bigger!

Here are some of the other Benefits of the Keto Whatsapp Challenge

  • Free Starter Pack worth Rs.1400*
  • 1 on 1 session with Keto Diet Nutrition Expert
  • Health Report
  • Protein Advice
  • 4kgs Weightloss Guarantee
  • Detailed Meal plan with recipes
  • Keto Cheat Sheet
  • Do's and Dont's
  • Keto Diet Recipe eBook
  • Workout Video guides
  • The Power of Community

Choose any one of our plan that fit you and see results in as low as 2 weeks!

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Tailor Made to Suit Indians & Vegetarians

We invented a whole new way to do the Keto diet plan around Indian food habits and culture. You can enjoy anything from roti and sabzi to pizza and noodles and everything in between. Our plan are created by people obsessed with eating tasty food!

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What makes us different

Lose 4kg in 5 Weeks or Your Money-Back

Keto Diet India is the only company on the planet that gives a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you do not lose 4kgs in the first 5 Weeks.

Just Follow the Plan and these 3 Simple Steps

  1. Post a photo of everything you eat on the WhatsApp Group everyday 
  2. Post photos of your Keto Strip (hyperlink) on the group everyday
  3. Log your weight in once a week.

Hrishikesh Shanghvi

Founder - KetoDietIndia

What We Offer

Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas!

We believe in being upfront and authentic with our customers. With us you will never find any hidden conditions or charges. With full transparency you will always get what we promise you and we put our money where our mouth is!

The Plan That Fits You

One size does not fit all and neither does one meal plan. Every client receives a customized meal based on their lifestyle, eating habits, and convenience.

Money Back Guarantee

Our keto diet plans come with a Money-Back Guarantee. If you do not lose at least 4kgs in 5 weeks, we give your money back. All you have to do is follow the 3-Step Rule.

Practical Keto Diet plans

We do not believe in diets - they are only a short-term solution. We believe in creating sustainable lifestyles, so all our keto diet plans keep 90-95% of your lifestyle the same.

Exercise NOT Mandatory

Our keto diet plans work even if you cannot exercise. Exercise is essential for fitness and building muscles, however, it plays a smaller role when it comes to fat loss.

Tasty Food

A Boring and monotonous life is not worth living and the same goes for your diet. Our keto diet plans are wholesome and flexible. You can enjoy your daily fare of roti & sabzi or go fancy with pizzas and pasta, we allow for it all. Eat till you're full - zero starving.

The Power Of Community

Studies have shown that the chances of success grow exponentially when you have a support structure. We provide that structure in the form of a Whatsapp group where you get 24/7 support from our Keto Diet Nutrition Experts and motivation from the awesome community.


Follow The Easy Steps

We keep it very simple, the moment you choose a plan and complete the form, we will set up a consultation with our Keto Diet Nutrition Expert. Our Keto Diet Plan Nutrition Expert will give you all the details and answer all your question. You will be added to our WhatsApp group of awesome Motivated people where you can get all your questions answered.

Fill the form

You can start by filling out the form, choosing your plan, and selecting your start date.


Our Nutrition Expert will call you to create a customized meal plan that will fit your lifestyle.

Get Ready

We will provide you with all the details that you will need over the next 5 Weeks via email or WhatsApp

Welcome Aboard

Join our community of awesome motivated people like yourself and get 24/7 Expert support.


What's Included ?​

Join our Whatsapp Community to get 24/7 support, recipe ideas and tons of Motivation. Our Keto Diet Nutrition Experts will answer all your questions and keep you accountable. In addition also get these incredible benefits and much more.

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Trial Plan

Free Trial

5 Weeks Plan

₹ 4000

Pricing & Plans

Looking for long term support?

Choose from our wide range of plans and pick the one that fits you the best.

5 Weeks Plan

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Our Clients Say

70% of our clients extend beyond the first 5 Weeks – this itself is a testament to the quality of service and results provided. We give the most flexible Keto diet plans on the planet – they’re so easy to follow anyone can do it!

    Ayushi Gandhi
    Ayushi Gandhi


    A whopping transformation of 12 kilos, I can't thank you enough of how you've guided and kept me motivated throughout this. The WhatsApp challenge and support , and also your quick replies to complex and even the most petty doubts and cravings I had, is commendable. I really feel lucky to have found you as the guiding light in my weight loss process

      Shailesh Patel
      Shailesh Patel


      I must say that after 9 weeks of being a consulting Hrishikesh Sanghvi for KETO diet and lost more than 10 Kgs, my lifestyle has completely changed for the better! For the first time, I feel totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life. Before, I was constantly depressed; sugary foods such as cake & ice cream was my comforter. Now, I am on a regimen of watching my food intake and constant exercise. I feel great! I thank Hrishikesh for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle. I highly recommend him for consulting for KETO diet.

        Jasmeet Khanna
        Jasmeet Khanna


        I happened to join the Keto Challenge with Hrishikesh and I lost 7 kgs in 45 days flat !! This has never happened before and is no less than a miracle !! I have tried various diets / fitness regimes etc in the past without any tangible results and I was only disappointed. With his personal guidance my energy levels have gone high and I feel much lighter, less lethargic; this change has increased my productivity at work. Not only did Hrishikesh take the pains to customise my diet plan he also was supportive throughout the journey. He is thorough with his knowledge, is patient and gives a very logical solution to your problem and I thank him for his guidance and support.

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        Get started with your free health  report diet macros  7 days trail plan


        Get started with your free health  report diet macros  7 days trail plan


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